Logo, Cafe, Restaurant

Full Color Logo designed by Jesse Horst. Original Photo, sticker printing, and preparation by DC Photography and Web Design.

Gift Certificate, Cafe, Restaurant

Designed for promotional use, and branding of products.

Logo by Jesse Horst.

Business Card

Bold Design, Easy to Read.


Promotional Coupon Card

Customer Club Card. Designed to keep customers coming back.


Newspaper Coupon

Designed for Buffalo First's Coupon Book.

Business Card, Religious Organization

Bold front, with essential information. Printed back explains more detail.

Letterhead, Religious Organization

Striking professional design. Black and white layout for use on printed materials.

Promotional Sticker

Designed for promotional use, and branding of products.

Background by Jesse Horst

Gift Certificate, Cafe

Popular holiday gift. Long lasting, Printed on decorative card stock. Designed and Printed through DC Web-Design.

Background by Jesse Horst.

Gift Certificate, Retail

Custom Gift Certificates. DC Web-Design turns ideas into finished products.

Phone Book Advertisement

Draws attention while providing detailed information about the products and services of New Visions.

Online Advertisement

Designed for online viewers. Attracts attention and tells about the business with strong photos.

Newspaper Advertisement

Small Advertisement for the Buffalo News, designed to be noticed among many similar advertisements. Provides only essential textual information, and relies on the Photo and Colors to attract the viewers' eye and sell New Visions' services.

Full Page Advertisement

Color advertisement. Balance of Text and Images. Aims to be descriptive, persuasive and graphical.

Full Page Advertisement

Pictures describe the product, text serves to support and elaborate the information in the pictures.

Business Card

Combines studio information and an image from the photographer's collection.

Political Science Association Logo

Black & White Logo

Designed for the Political Science Association as a Versatile , two color logo and letterhead.

Campus Greens Logo

Black & White Logo

Designed for the Fredonia Campus Greens as a Versatile two color logo and T-Shirt design.